The various services associated with our furnished accommodation

Private car parks

Although the streets are quiet, it is possible to park your cars in our private car parks.


The sites of Fondettes and La Riche offer you green spaces where you can settle down to get some fresh air.

Sheets & Towels

In all apartments we offer, beds are made and towels are provided to lighten your suitcases and mind.

Free Wifi

In all our accommodations, we provide you with free Wifi.


All our apartments are equipped with televisions.

Proximity to the city center

Our two sites are located near the city center of Tours (Halles).
La Riche : 8min (car)
Fondettes : 9 min (car)
Accessible by car, bike, bus, on foot, all means are simple and fast to go for a ride in Tours.

Services included in your rental

Private car parks

All our accommodations have private or public parking nearby


Some Agapanthes units have a garden with a terrace or veranda.

Bed linen and towels

Sheets, duvets, pillowcases as well as bath sheets, towels and bath mats are provided on site.

All our maintenance products are from organic farming.

Free wifi

All our accommodations are equipped with free high-speed Wi-Fi for your connectivity needs.


All our accommodations are equipped with a TV with remote control.

Proximity to downtown Tours

Our apartments offer quick road access to the centre of Tours. To get to Les Halles for example: La Riche is 8 minutes by car; Fondettes is 9 minutes by car. Tours is accessible by car, tram, bus, bike, on foot. Bike paths facilitate the trips in Tours and its agglomeration.

Parks and gardens

Many gardens and parks offer themselves as places to walk and relax. You can go to the botanical garden or the Oé Prebendes garden.

The botanical garden of the city of Tours

A place of endless walks, the Tours Botanical Garden is a magnificent park with countless species of flowers, plants and trees. The Botanical Garden is very well-kept in its composition and is a breathing space to recharge your batteries in a very urbanized area. The inhabitants of the city regularly come to walk or jog. The garden has both a diverse landscaped arboretum of 200 tree species and several very attractive original gardens. Medicinal plants coexist with other species classified by their therapeutic actions. Lovers of plant species come to see and photograph rare species.

The garden of the Prebendes of Oé

Sometimes called the «English garden», the garden of the Prebendes of Oé dates from 1874. It is a public garden of about 5 hectares designed by the Bühler brothers. It is located near the railway station in Roger Salengro street. In terms of style, it is part of the 19th century French landscape style and it is labelled Remarkable Garden by the Ministry of Culture. Its paths with soft shapes cover all the key points of the garden. At its centre, a river surrounds an island with magnificent bald cypress trees. This beautiful public park is very popular for its green lawns, its groves of century-old trees and its sumptuous flowers (peonies, roses…), its delicate scents of preserved species and its collections of impressive tree species (sequoias, plane trees, cedars from Lebanon, etc.). It is a place of walks conducive to reflection, rest and relaxation.


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